Discussion Guide Questions

Author Thomas W. Starbuck is available to visit your book club and share his insights into writing his first novel, Deadly Ground.
Below are discussion questions to get you started in your conversations.

1.) The most compelling element of Thomas Starbuck’s epic saga, Deadly Ground, is the development of his main character’s persona. AB is introduced as a self-absorbed loner and through his life experiences is transformed into an individual surrendered to God’s will for him. Discuss life experiences you may have had which led you to a greater awareness of a higher authority.

2.) A virus which has the almost instantaneous potency to cause death and reduce the victim to dust within minutes is a horrifying thought. Faced with the prospects of such a virus, how would you organize the time you had remaining?

3.) Throughout the novel, AB experiences several different and distinct relationships. Compare and contrast AB and Ned, AB and Clayton, AB and Winnie, AB and Venestra, AB and Audrey. How does AB express his affection in the relationships he experiences? How does his affection for others change as his life goes on?

4.) What were your perceptions towards AB when he was first introduced compared to the end of the novel?

5.) We are introduced to intergalactic aliens in Deadly Ground. What was your reaction to the possibility of this interaction actually occurring, in the future or has it occurred in our past? What did you make of their ‘seemingly friendly, non-threatening posture’?

6.) AB spent a great deal of his time throughout the novel alone and the loneliness he experienced had a profound impact on his emotional life. In your life, if you have had a period(s) of time when you experienced loneliness, what did you find helpful in combating those ‘lonely feelings’?

7.) When we consider all the ‘stuff’ in this world, what would you want to acquire if by some remote chance you found yourself the last person on Earth?

8.) If you were AB, would you have done anything differently when you realized you were one of a few people left on earth?

9.) Deadly Ground concluded as a ‘cliffhanger.’ On a scale of 1-10, how much anticipation did you feel to read a sequel?

10.) What storylines do you want explored in a possible sequel?