Main Characters


AB is our main character. He comes from a ‘prominent patrician’ New England family whose fortune was claimed in the international coffee industry. AB was born with a genetic disorder that of a ‘chimera;’ a single individual developed from having two distinct sets of DNA. What was to be twins manifests as one individual with both sets of DNA. AB, always withdrawn, is enrolled in a prestigious military academy where he connects with Clayton Ramsey who becomes a life-long friend and confidant. Tragically AB loses his family including his father, mother, and younger brother in a weather-related plane crash. Guilt will consume AB over his lifetime for declining to make the flight with his family. Driven by the will to understand himself, AB immerses himself in the study of genetics – receiving two Doctorates, an MD, and several Fellows along the way. In addition to his medical expertise, AB had discovered over time his ‘savant’ proficiencies in many disciplines to include: engineering, design, applied sciences, and multiple medias in art from painting to sculpting.

Due to being so introspective, AB was never able to develop a wholesome emotional base, as he was always searching to develop a ‘soul’ and his identity.

You are invited to journey with AB on ‘deadly ground’ in that process of discovery.


Ned appears as the neighbor, a crusty old fellow always needling and attempting to convince AB he needs to settle down and raise a family. Ned is ever persistent but ineffective.


Clayton Ramsey is AB’s foundation for stability. Both Clayton and AB endured a military academy education together, undergraduate schooling, medical school and careers with the CDC. Clayton feels AB’s pain and loneliness but can only be there for him. Clayton has a beautiful wife and two fantastic children, a 4-year-old son, a 3-year-old daughter, and family dog Winnie. A picture of happiness, peace and contentment AB so desperately longs for.


Winnie is Clayton Ramsey’s family dog. A blonde cocker spaniel who becomes AB’s constant companion in the search for post-apocalyptic survivors.


Venestra is introduced to the story as a highly developed intellectual alien from a distant planet who for many decades has visited the planet Earth in order to mine and process Boron, which when enriched provided fuel for her home planet. Due to her culture’s advanced intellect, death on her planet is reserved for only those involved in catastrophic accidents. Due to medical advancements, Venestra has the ability to perform astounding healing techniques. Venestra has reached her current age of 8,283 Earth years. Because longevity permeates her culture, society is structured so only certain individuals are assigned to breed but only in a number to replace those who have perished. Everyone else is assigned a task in order to most effectively support society.


Audrey, also a chimera, is a young doctor serving desperate and dying patients in the hospital when she realizes she can no longer deal with the chaos created by an apocalyptic virus. She runs from the hospital and takes off to Colorado to live with her aunt hoping she has survived. Arriving at her aunt’s acreage, she finds only the animals have survived. Nonetheless, the strong and determined woman that she is commits to staying and taking care of the acreage and animals on her own, hoping the best for the future.